One of the best things about a new year is making plans for all of the things you want to do during the year.  Part of actually doing those things is making or setting aside the time to do them.  If you write on your calendar that you will visit the Hogle Zoo on Wednesday, June 21st and that you will leave at 9:00 AM to go, your chances of actually getting there are much better than if you don’t take the action of planning.  Now is a great time to list the things you would like to do or accomplish this year.  Your next step is to decide when and how.  If you would like to read a book that is 365 pages long you can determine how many pages you will need to read each day – that’s easy, it’s one page.  If you decide to write a book you could write one that is 365 pages long by just writing one page a day!

There are 24 hours, 1,440 minutes and 86,400 seconds in every day.  This means if you plan wisely you should be able to fit in many of the things on your list.  The secret is managing the time you have wisely.  Calendars are very helpful in making yearly, month, and weekly plans.  Day planners can be useful in writing down the things that need to be done each day.  Some people make lists and then transfer the items on their lists to their calendars and day planners.  They prioritize what should be done by how important each task is .  They are careful to take care of the most urgent things first and then they do the important things followed by the routine tasks.  Special events can also be planned and prepared for.

Another way of making plans is to step way back and think about your whole life and what you would like your life to be like.  Visualize what your ideal life would look like.  Where would you like to be living?  What would you do each day?  What kind of person would you like to be?  What would you like to learn?  What would you like to improve about yourself?  You can take those ideas and make them a part of your lists going from big to small doable steps.  Every day, every week, every month, and every year you can build your dream, plan by plan and list by list.  Making plans and following through can take you where you want to go.