Making a change:

Advocates First

“Advocates First” is a group where people with disabilities can meet to discuss their needs and ways to make a change in the community. We work closely with Ability 1st Utah, a non-profit organization who provides an environment to learn the skills for self-advocacy and help break down barriers that people with disabilities face both in their homes and in the community.

We meet once a month at Ability 1st Utah in Provo, UT and talk over important issues such as

  • Affordable Housing

  • Public Transportation

  • Emergency Preparedness for Those With Disabilities

  • Government Policies

  • Aspects of the American With Disabilities Act (ADA),

  • And Other Topics.

It is a great chance for individuals with disabilities to raise their voices and discuss the changes that will make a difference in their lives. Many local politicians and community agencies have visited our center to hear what people with disabilities have to say and what amendments to local ordinances are important to them.

Every January, Advocates First and Ability 1st Utah consumers visit the Salt Lake City Capitol to the legislative activities provided by the Legislative Coalition for People with Disabilities (LCPD).  It’s a great opportunity for those with disabilities to go in front of the legislators to express the needs and changes they want in their communities.

Advocates First also serves as an opportunity to establish friendships among consumers of Ability 1st Utah and creates an environment of comradery united by a purpose and goal. This group also helps to develop leadership and empowerment skills for people with disabilities to have the right of full participation in the community and advocate for their rights.

Advocates First represents a community of people who have many things to offer to our society. We believe that we can make changes in our community for accessibility to people with disabilities. Advocates First serves as a voice for people with disabilities to be heard and achieve those changes.