Strengthening Abilities

Ability 1st Utah aims to help individuals with disabilities to break the barriers they may encounter in their journey of becoming independent, by connecting them with services in the community that will help them meet their goals on the road of having meaningful and successful lives.

Independent Living

We teach our consumers many different life skills through our Independent Living Program, to increase the skills they need to become independent.

We can Help!

Ability 1st Utah provides its consumers with the necessary tools for them to live independently and lead lives full of accomplishments. Through the multiple services we offer we can make this process easier and enriching for you.

Ability 1st Utah Employment Network

We are an Employment Network for the Ticket to Work Program under the Social Security Administration. We offer employment services to help individuals with disabilities that wants to enter or renter into the workforce have a smooth transition while they are working.

Help their Future!

If you are interested in donating to our Center your donations will help a good cause.

Run, Walk, or Roll

Thank you to all the were part of our annual fundraiser race 2021. Click below to see more details of this year Run, Walk or Roll 2021.

About Ability 1st Utah

Since January 2001, Ability 1st Utah has been providing services to individuals with all types of disabilities and of any age to help them achieve their goal of remaining independent in their homes and active in their communities.  Our organization seeks to help individuals with disabilities to remove whatever limitations they may encounter along the way and turn them into opportunities for developing their abilities to enjoy independent living lifestyles.

Mission Statement 

To recognize, advocate, and respect each individual’s right and ability to realize their deserved quality of life. This will be accomplished by identifying needs, providing resources, strengthening abilities, and advocating social and political change to Individuals with disabilities.

 Vision Statement

To integrate, build and strengthen abilities for all individuals with disabilities.

 Ability 1st Utah Job Hacks Workshops will take place on November 29th ,30th and December 1st of 2021. On Monday November 29th we will be talking about tips, resources and a guide to pre-employment planning. On Tuesday November 30th we will discuss hard skills, soft skills, resume and interview skills. On Wednesday December 1st, the last day, we will have USOR, DWS and MTECH presenting the resources that are available to individuals who are seeking for employment.

Sign up today for Ability 1st Utah Job Hacks Workshops whether if you are looking for employment or want to find out what skills you need to successfully enter into the job market. Call Ability 1st Utah at 801-373-5044 or email us at to reserve a spot.  

Ability 1st Utah Job Hacks

Making the decision to seek eployment.

We are happy to announce that we moved to a new building. Our new address is 1455 West 820 North in Provo Utah 84601. Looking forward to seeing you at our Open House in the future with the proper precautions of social distancing.

COVID-19 Announcements:

Ability 1st Utah’s staff will strive to provide alternative ways to our consumers & the public through phone calls and emails during our temporary closure of our Center. Please contact us through our main number 801-373-5044 or email us through our Front-Line Receptionist at

Ability 1st Utah would like to share valuable information about the COVID-19

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Run, Walk or Roll 2021

Ability 1st Utah will be there every step of the way!

Sewing class picture.

All types of Awareness

No matter where you come from or form of disability, this is the place for you. From learning critical skills to meeting new people, Ability 1st Utah can help.

Example picture of one of our Awareness nights at UVU

Stay Informed

Stay involved with all of Ability 1st Utah events.  By becoming involved with our events, you can learn and grow with people just like you.

Example photo of one of our Healthy Living class

Health = Happiness

There is no need to be alone in this world.  Here at Ability 1st Utah, we come together to learn about independent living and how to live a healthy life.

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Become a Volunteer

We are always looking for volunteers.  Whether it be office work or helping at one of our events, any help is great appreciated.  Apply now to become a volunteer.

Videos about Ability 1st Utah:

Ability 1st Utah’s Informational Video

KSL Studio 5 Interview

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We can help you find the perfect job for you and your lifestyle.

Independent Living Programs Statewide:

Map of Statewide Programs for Independent Living in Utah

Ability 1st Utah has important information for the public to know about Transportation and ADA Policies.

Notice to the public Ability 1st Utah has posted on our website our transportation and ADA policies which includes our ADA complaint process and our agency contact for all the ADA complaints. This notice is for your information to access to this documents. For further information please contact Sandra Curcio Executive Director phone number 801 373 5044 extension 205 or Kathy Tucker Transportation Coordinator phone number 801 373 5044 extension 206
Title 6 Poster. No person in the United States shall, on the grounds of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. For further information or if you feel that you have been discriminated against please contact Sandra Curcio Executive Director phone number 801 373 5044 extension 205 or Jhilma Miranda Program Manager phone number 801 373 5044 extension 201

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