I have really been looking forward to teaching my youth class about transportation.  Living in a rural area is absolutely wonderful.  You get to see and experience things you would might never be able to see living in the city.  But there are challenges too when you are, “living in the sticks.”  For example we have to look harder for transportation options that can help us get where we need to go.

Youth in transition face many challenges living in rural and urban areas.  We often misunderstand a person’s ability to learn to function independently.  Grasping those fundamental principles that we all learn.  You get in the car with your parents and you go where you need to go.  That’s pretty simple to understand right?

But what about those times when you don’t have the option of getting in the car with Mom or Dad and you need to get to a doctor’s appointment or get your hair cut.  Young adults with disabilities in transition might not need to focus on learning their times tables but they sure need to learn who to call for a ride when Mom or Dad aren’t around.  If you have a dental appointment and you don’t have anyone to take you, let’s teach people with disabilities, and in particular our youth, how to access alternative forms of transportation to meet their daily needs.

Ever heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child;” well it takes that same village to keep a person living there, regardless of age.  The smiles on the faces in the picture show me these students, I had the pleasure of spending time with today, learned something valuable.  What an awesome day!