Juab and Sanpete Calendar

Calendar for classes and activities

Well, welcome to Fall, 2021.  We are still in Covid 19 Pandemic but we are moving forward with activities and one on one consumer meetings.  Please keep in mind that due to the variant we are requiring all consumers who ride on the buses/van to keep their mask on, while being transported.

On the 16th of September we will be going to a movie.  There will be two or perhaps three movies to attend at Stadium Cinemas in Payson.  If you are one of those people who loves to eat popcorn and snacks during a movie, bring enough movie to pay for your treats.  We will cover the movie, you will have to pay for snacks.

Please remember that we don’t transport on Monday or Fridays so if you need a ride getting to a doctor try to schedule on a day we can give you a ride.  If you need to schedule some a doctor’s appointment you can call me prior to get some appointment available dates.