Youth Program

Youth Transitions to Adulthood

This program assists high school students, ages14-24-years old, to transition from high school into community life. The youth program provides individual and family advocacy, technical support to special education teachers, assistance to students and parents with advocacy in facilitating individualized education plans (IEPs). In addition, this program offers disability sensitivity, training in the schools, and technical assistance to regular education teachers in accommodating youth with disabilities.

Opportunities are available in the classroom setting at your school for youth to participate in presentations/workshops to learn independent living skills.

Ability 1st Utah also has a youth summer program that runs during the summer months of June and July. Youth have opportunities to participate in social activities as well as life skills classes. An activity calendar for the summer program is in our newsletter which is available on our website and a copy can be provided upon request.

The youth also can participate in an annual Youth Leadership Conference sponsored by the Utah Statewide Independent Living Council and supported by the Center’s for Independent Living. This conference provides youth with disabilities the opportunity to network with other youth statewide, gain necessary leadership skills and receive guidance and support for successful transitions from the school environment to individual education, employment, recreational and housing goals.

Youth Program Success Story

Josh Taylor is a Young adult who is a has a disability and  attends independent living classes. Within the past year he has been able to apply for himself for a UTA assisted pass. This has granted him transportation for himself and one other on buses, the frontrunner and trax for free. His parents were concerned for his safety to travel on his own Josh’s own words. With help from the Youth Program developer, Quince showed him which bus to take to get to our center and which one to take to get home. Since then he has traveled on his own almost every week (unless weather is bad) and he has been able to teach others his knowledge of the bus  system. Improving his Independence via transportation has helped his confidence in many other aspects of his life and it has been demonstrated in other skills classes that he is more willing to participate or volunteer to help other students.


For more information please contact:

Youth Program Coordinator


Bret Guercio

e-mail:  Phone: 801-373-5044 ext #210