Youth Program

Youth Transition to Adulthood

This program assists high school students, ages fourteen to twenty four years old, to transition from high school into community life.

The Youth Program provides:

  • Individual and family advocacy.
  • Technical support to special education teachers.
  • And assistance to students and parents with advocacy in facilitating individualized education plans (IEPs).

In addition, this program offers disability sensitivity training in the schools and technical assistance to regular education teachers in accommodating youth with disabilities.

Opportunities are available in the classroom setting at your school for youth to participate in presentations or workshops to learn independent living skills.


Youth Summer Program:

Ability 1st Utah also has a youth summer program that runs during the months of June and July.

Youth have opportunities to participate in social activities, as well as life skills classes.

An activity calendar for the summer program is in our newsletter, which is available on our website, or a physical copy can be provided upon request.

Additionally, youth are also invited to participate in an annual Youth Leadership Conference sponsored by the Utah Statewide Independent Living Council and supported by the center’s emphasis on independent living.

This conference provides youth with disabilities the opportunity to network with other youth statewide and gain necessary leadership skills. They also receive guidance and support for successful transitions from school to achieve their individual education, employment, recreational and housing goals.

Youth Program Success Story:

Daniel started in our program the summer 2021. In talking and interacting with him, we learned that he wanted to work a regular job, but he seemed to lack the confidence to take the steps necessary to do that. We worked with him and encouraged him to apply at his local Subway in Gunnison. He was hired immediately, but soon found that his work schedule conflicted at times with our summer program schedule. On a particular day he let us know that he had to fulfill his work commitment and would not be able to join the group as usual. To show our love and support for him, we decided to take the entire group to Subway that day for lunch. It was really exciting to see this young man thriving in his new job and how much he enjoyed the support of the program in his new role.


For more information, please contact:

Youth Program Coordinators

Craig Ezzell

Juab and Sanpete Counties

E-mail:  Phone:435-283-4949