Independent Living Skills

What is Independent Living?

Independent Living is a philosophy and a movement of people with disabilities who strive for self-determination, equal opportunities and self-respect.

  • Independent Living does not mean that we want to do everything by ourselves and that we do not need anyone else in our lives and want to live in isolation.
  • It means that we have the same right to choices and control in our everyday lives that our non-disabled brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends have and take for granted.

We would like to grow up in and with our families, go to the neighborhood school, use the same bus as our neighbors, work in jobs that are in line with our education and interests, and have families of our own.

Living independently allows us to enjoy a high level of personal satisfaction, confidence, and reassurance. Millions of Americans who experience disabilities have an established foundation that allows them to lead lives of independence. They fulfill every imaginable role in their communities, overcoming the barriers of misconception and misunderstandings.

*Our sole focus is to remove whatever limitations are currently there and transforming those limitations into fruitful skills that will help Individuals with disabilities enjoy an independent lifestyle.

Independent Living Skills Training

What is this program?

The Independent Living skills program is designed to help you make the most of your abilities and increase your self-reliance and self-confidence.

Ability 1st Utah provides training classes, resources and information to help you take control of your life so that you can live independently.


How do I get started?

The first step in this process is to call Ability 1st Utah and set up an appointment to meet with an Independent living Specialist to schedule a one-on-one Independent Living personal assessment intake.

*In this process you will be encouraged to set independent living goals which will offer resources and support designed to assist you in becoming successful in reaching your goals and increasing your independence.

How can this help me?
Ability 1st Utah assists individuals with disabilities of any age and any type of disability to gain the necessary support resources and life skills to increase their independence. How we do this?
  • Many individuals participate in our life skills classes and social recreational activities, and learn many different ways to cope with their disability while learning necessary life skills that will increase their independence and self-sufficiency in their chosen environment.
  • Individuals with disabilities also have the opportunity to socialize with their peers and learn different ways that their peers have also overcome barriers to increasing their independence.

We offer the following services: 


  • Money management and budgeting.
  • Survival in emergency classes.
  • Basic computer skills classes.
  • Cooking classes.
  • Self Advocacy Training Classes.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Stress Management.
  • Transportation skills.
  • Among other classes based on our consumers needs and wants.

Independent Living Skills Training Success Story:

C.A. came to Ability 1st Utah in April asking for a DI voucher and help developing budgeting skills. She had recently gotten married, and C.A. and her new husband had moved into an apartment after leaving the Food and Care Coalition. C.A. was able to get a DI voucher for a bed from Ability 1st. C.A. was also able to work with her Independent Living Coordinator(ILC) on her tight budget, and her ILC referred C.A. to Easterseals. C.A is now able to develop jobs skills, practice budgeting skills, and work part-time to pay for her needs. C.A has also become an active member of Ability 1st Utah’s consumer-ran advocates group called Advocates First where she serves as the Event Chairwoman. C.A. has used and practiced advocacy in this group to advocate for persons with disabilities, and she has used these skills to proactively advocate for the homeless in the community.

To Apply for our Independent Living Program call: 


Front Line Receptionist

Daniel Lee

Email: [email protected] / Phone: 801-373-5044