About Ability 1st Utah

Mission Statement

To recognize, advocate, and respect each individual’s right and ability to realize their deserved quality of life. This will be accomplished by identifying needs, providing resources, strengthening abilities, and advocating social and political change for individuals with disabilities.

Vision Statement

To integrate, build and strengthen abilities for all individuals with disabilities.

Who do we help?

Any person, who experiences a physical, sensory, cognitive, or mental disability is invited to access our services. The Center’s philosophy is the belief that participation in Independent Living activities will lead to an increase in the individual’s quality of life.

Our History

Independent Living is a civil rights movement that supports the philosophy that people with disabilities have the right to choose to live an integrated lifestyle in the least restrictive environment possible, including where they live, work, and play. Centers for Independent Living assist people with disabilities to reach their full potentials in the setting they have chosen. People living an independent lifestyle decide what services thy receive, if any, and are in charge of their daily living activities.