Summer Youth Program

Summer is coming quickly and staff at Ability 1st Utah has been putting together the activities and classes for the summer youth program that will be starting in June.

We are excited about this year’s program. The Activities will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11- 1 unless otherwise stated in the Newsletter. We have expanded the program to be able to enlist 35 youth.

Like last year, a fee will be charged for all participants. The fee for this year will be $50.00. This will not pay for all the activities scheduled, but Ability 1st Utah will pay the difference.

This program is open to all youth with disabilities starting at age 17-24. Requirements to apply are the “2018 Summer Youth Program Application” filled out and returned with the $50.00 program fee and the “2018 Youth Summer Program Agreement/Liability Form” filled out and returned. Forms are available upon request from Ability 1st Utah or Online. They need to be finished before May 26th.

Transportation will be provided to/from Ability 1st Utah to those who need it. Participants must be able to demonstrate a basic self-sufficiency or have someone from home accompany them as a personal attendant. Unless the Newsletter states Lunch will not be provided, Youth are required to bring a lunch or money if the activity calls for it.

Examples of Activities: Bees Game, Swimming at the Provo Rec Center, Hiking, Visiting historical Utah, Utah Arts Festival, kickball, water games…and so much more.

Registration starting April 4th 2017 for the Summer Youth Program

WIOA Pre-Employment 2017 Youth Summer Program Agreement Form

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the summer program designed for?

Young adults between the ages of 17 and 24 who are consumers at Ability 1st Utah. They should be able to demonstrate a basic self sufficiency or have someone from home accompany them as a personal attendant. They should independently be able to take care of their toilet, feeding, and dressing needs. They should be socially appropriate and able to function with a 1 to 5 staff to consumer ratio.

2. Where will the youth spend their time in the summer program?

They will mainly be on outings or activities. The center’s vans will be used to transport them to the different activities. Some activities will be outside of Utah County.

3. What time of the day will the activities be held and how long will they last?

Most of the activities will be around mid-day, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or shortly after and will last for 2-4 hours, usually from 11-1. This will allow for them to get back home before or around 5:00 PM unless otherwise stated.

4. What about transportation to the Ability 1st Utah Center?

We promote independence and therefore transportation to the center will not be provided except when the youth cannot use public transportation and does not have any other means to get here. Special permission will be required.

5. What about meals?

Unless otherwise noted in the Summer Youth Program Calendar, bring lunch. If the youth require snacks, they should also bring them from home.

6. What kind of training will my youth receive?

In addition to the social outings, the youth will receive training in the following areas: communication, organizational skills, community integration, and better hygiene.

7. What kind of supervision will the youth have while at Ability 1st Utah?

There are at least four staff members over the whole group. The youth’s safety and well being are our most important concerns.

8. What is the cost of the Ability 1st Utah Summer Program?

The donation for the 7 week program is $50 total for all classes and outings. This donation will be used for supplies, cost of outings, food, and fuel while participating in the summer program and is due with the application on or before May 31, 2017. If parents or guardians cannot provide Ability 1st Utah with the full $50 donation, a scholarship is available to cover the majority of the cost of the donation; however a small donation would be appreciated.