Pre-ETS Youth Program

Pre-ETS Youth Transition Program

This program per the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA), Pre-Employment (Pre-ETS) transition services provides students with disabilities ages 14 to 21 opportunities to improve workplace skills, explore career interests, and obtain work experience with the following program activities outlined below:

  1. Job exploration counseling
  2. Work-based learning experiences, which may include in-school or after school opportunities, and/or experiences outside the traditional school setting in an integrated environment to the maximum extent possible.
  3. Counseling on opportunities for enrollment in comprehensive transition or post-secondary educational programs at institutions of higher education.
  4. Workplace readiness training to develop social skills and opportunity for independent living,
  5. Instruction in self-advocacy- peer mentoring.

Ability 1st Utah also has a youth summer program that Pre-ETS students participate in during the months of June & July. Pre-ETS youth have the opportunity to participate in Pre-ETS services as well as social community integration activities with their peers, as well as independent living life skills classes. An activity calendar for the Pre-ETS summer youth program is provided in our center’s newsletter which is mailed out or given to each student, and also available on our website,

For more information, please contact:

Pre-ETS Youth Program Coordinators

Divine Tanuvasa-Fuaga


Roy Gerber

E-mail: / Phone: 801-850-5567

Shauna Parks

Email: / Phone: 801-850-5562