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Below are some questions to help staff members better serve your student. Information provided will be used to help us plan and organize classes.

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Ability 1st Utah 2016 Youth Summer Program Agreement Form

I hereby give permission/agree for the above listed student to participate in Ability 1st Utah’s Youth Summer Program. With this fully signed permission form, I hereby release and discharge Ability 1st Utah and its employees from all liability, claims, and/or demands for property damage and personal injury which may arise from an accident or injury while attending activities in the summer program or in being transported to and from these activities.

I agree to authorize Ability 1st Utah to take and utilize photographs, videos, and/or other audio-visual materials for its use. These materials will be used for public awareness, public relations, and fundraising. I also understand that I will not be compensated monetarily or otherwise for use by Ability 1st Utah.

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